Start Writing Documentation Team Members Will Actually Read

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Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash

Types of Influences

To move projects forward (aka–gain buy-in from stakeholders) you must clearly explain how your solution addresses project goals. Furthermore, it’s as crucial to convey this information to your other team members involved (i.e. Development, Product, Marketing…) so they know how their contribution best serves the overall picture.


  • It provides an opportunity for other members to connect with and understand your customers
  • It explains the why behind design decisions and future product features (so everyone is on the same page)
  • It validate the importance of all feedback, early in the process

Tailor Your Documentation

Part of being a good UX researcher & designer is articulating and sharing your research findings to various team members, whether on your direct team, to those that oversee the project, and to people completely outside your team.

Consider your audience

The best approach is to develop an understanding of other people’s perspectives, and then tailor your findings, that is specific to what that team member cares about.

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